An Exclusive Presentation of Landmark Original Paintings from “The Immortals Collection” and “The Conlon Collection”

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What a year it’s been for Dick Perez!

On the heels of his successful 2012 Conlon Collection unveiling—highlighted by a record sales price of nearly $25,000 for “Cobb Sliding”—our hobby’s reigning diamond king of sports art recently shifted his attention to the prestigious preserve of New York City’s Art Scene. There, during a three-week exhibition in April at Agora Gallery, Perez turned the Chelsea Arts District on its head with baseball masterpieces that outperformed and outsold much of Chelsea’s finest, most established contemporary art. Hundreds of connoisseurs, buyers, historians and art critics flocked to Agora from around the country to savor the visual splendor and take home their slice of the Perez portrait legacy. True to form, just as he blazed a trail with his Perez-Steele card sets and dazzling luxury-book retrospective The Immortals, Dick has now climbed the art world’s Ivory Tower and once again thrown open the door for other sports artists to follow in his influential footsteps.

Fear not, however, for our national treasure of baseball artistry has returned to his hobby roots with this exclusive multi-auction offering from his personal Immortals archives. Yes indeed, fresh from his New York Art Scene triumph, Dick Perez is BACK IN THE GAME. Each upcoming auction installment of “The Immortals Collection” will span the generations according to the following 8 categories:

Baseball Origins, 1869-1900
• The Deadball Era, 1901-1919
• The Golden Age, 1920-1929
• The Depression Era, 1930-1940
• The Negro Leagues, 1890s-1940s
• War & Post-War Years, 1941-1957
• The Expansion Era, 1958-1979
• The Modern Era, 1980-2010

 Also showcased every auction will be a bonus piece from Perez’s acclaimed “Conlon Collection” series. Click here to view this lot.

Legendary Auctions is immensely pleased to partner with Dick for this yearlong collaborative project, which now makes its world premiere debut with 26 elite selections. Thus, without further ado, we take pride in welcoming back the great master himself, Dick Perez, who has ventured far afield to rediscover: “There’s no place like home.”

Please note:
Each winning bidder of one or more “Immortals Collection” paintings will receive a complimentary signed copy of Dick Perez’s 2010 limited-edition luxury book,
The Immortals: An Art Collection of Baseball’s Best.

Click here to view all these special offerings.