If you know the name Chad Dreier, it’s likely because of his celebrated tenure as President, CEO and Board Chairman of the Fortune 500 company Ryland Homes. Between 1993 and 2009, Dreier took the homebuilding industry by storm, nearly doubling Ryland’s annual production (from 8,000 homes to more than 15,000) and increasing its total revenues from approximately $1 billion to $4 billion.

Meanwhile, outside the corporate limelight, Dreier was quietly constructing one of the premier collections of sports cards and memorabilia in the world. In fact, were it not for his humble nature and desire for privacy, Chad Dreier would already be hailed as a true titan in the hobby realm. Instead, this unassuming California family man chose to erect his prestigious pantheon, brick by exquisite brick, with little or no media fanfare. Although the private Dreier Museum has received such visitors as Ernie Banks, John Wooden, Kobe Bryant, Tim Brown, Roy Williams, Kirk Douglas and Gene Simmons, very few people outside Dreier’s personal circle have been aware of, let alone had direct access to, his unsung “Smithsonian of the West” nestled in the hills above Santa Barbara, CA.

Until now.

In partnership with Legendary Auctions, Chad Dreier and his son Doug Dreier will officially throw open the doors to the Dreier Museum by publicly offering the virtual entirety of their multi-million-dollar, sports card and memorabilia collection over the next two years.

To start, Legendary has hand-selected eight of the Dreiers’ finest, most awe-inspiring treasures for the private sale featured in these pages:

  • Honus Wagner’s T206 ultra-rarity
  • The only known uncut sheet of S81 Turkish Trophy silks
  • Unheard-of complete sets of the 1888 Joseph Hall Cabinets
  • and 1914 Boston Garters
  • The most comprehensive assembly of 1898 Cameo Pepsin celluloid pins
  • Elite Mickey Mantle and Sandy Koufax game jerseys
  • Mickey Mantle’s Own Personal 1952 Topps Mantle #311

Although these items alone represent a veritable one-of-a-kind collecting opportunity, even such breathtaking highlights hardly begin to capture the full Dreier Museum experience. Upcoming Legendary auction and sale catalogs will also include:

Baseball Origins – A dazzling array of 19th-century type cards and sets, ranging from Peck & Snyder to N142 Duke Cabinets to an N300 Mayo’s complete set to the vast majority of N172 and N173 Old Judges with all key Hall of Famers.

1910s Premiums – One of the most extensive assemblies of L1 Turkish Trophies Leather Portrait Premiums (see opposite page) and T200 Fatima Team Photograph Premiums.

Early 20th-Century Type Cards – Containing the largest extant assortment of Ty Cobb and Honus Wagner.

Pinbacks – A rare and definitive amassing of desirable early baseball pins, such as Schmeltzer’s and PM1 Ornate Borders.

Nonpareil Non-Sports – The best and broadest extravaganza of cards and card-related advertising pieces from the 19th century to mid-20th century.

Hall of Famer Game Jerseys – An ambitious endeavor comprising more than 25 gamers and representing a Cooperstown inductee from almost every franchise.

Basketball Origins – Focusing on the earliest days of backboard-less peach-basket hoops with Dr. James Naismith’s personal scrapbook, manuscript notes and 1892 YMCA letter about introducing basketball to New York.

Lakers Legends – Jerseys and ephemera pertaining to Chamberlain, West, Baylor, Magic, Shaq and Kobe, plus championship rings from 10 of the 11 L.A. Laker titles.

Gridiron Greats – An impressive historical journey, culled largely from the esteemed Duke Hott Collection, with emphasis on foundational figures like Grange, Thorpe and Nagurski; game-worn helmets; and early L.A. Rams memorabilia, as well as Dick Kazmeier’s 1951 Heisman Trophy.

Gibson’s Glory - Kirk Gibson’s actual jersey, bat and helmet from his unforgettable home-run heroics in the ’88 World Series—plus Gibson’s ’88 MVP and championship trophies. (The Dreiers have not yet decided whether or when to sell “Gibson’s Glory,” but they definitely plan to keep the jersey, bat and helmet together as an intact triumvirate.)

Yes, even the most seasoned hobbyist may be astonished to discover the Dreiers’ impeccable caliber of quality, depth, breadth, completeness, diversity, integrity, aesthetics, taste and presentation.

It is with supreme pride that Legendary Auctions welcomes all of you hobby dignitaries out there to this special Dreier Collection Groundbreaking Ceremony. Now let’s all grab our golden shovels and dig in…next page