Phase IV: The Finishing Touches
After entertaining over 10,000 visitors in eight years, Chad and Doug Dreier have exceeded all their wildest expectations for the Dreier Museum and now look forward to completing this chapter in their lives. Their Sports Collection will be handled by Legendary Auctions over the next two years, while their Pop Culture and Hollywood Memorabilia Collection will be sold by California-based auction house Profiles in History in 2012.

The Dreiers will hold onto their gems, minerals and fossils; their newest forte, first-edition books; and their unique, historically important 19th-century tintypes featuring the earliest black ballplayers and female ballplayers. Chad and Doug are still collectors, after all. But they want to return to the simple, innocent pleasures of their pastime, without the inherent obligations and expenses of maintaining a year-round, in-demand, fully staffed museum space. Moreover, at 64, Chad is ready to lavish more attention on his grandkids and travel the globe. Then there are his philanthropic commitments, as Chair Emeritus of the Board at Loyola-Marymount University, and as a large donor to the Santa Barbara Bowl performing arts center, Santa Barbara Zoo and Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. Doug, meanwhile, is excited to dedicate his time to his family, the remaining Dreier collections, and the community, serving on the boards of the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, the Marjorie Luke Theater and the Santa Barbara Police Activities League.

If there’s one showcase in the Dreier Museum that truly sums up the ethos of this family, this collection, it may well be the array of mementos from Cal Ripken Jr.’s superhuman “Iron Man” streak of consecutive games played. Living in Baltimore then, Doug and Chad were there together at Camden Yards for both the record-tying and record-breaking games, numbers 2,130 and 2,131. Those ticket stubs and related ephemera pale in value compared to many of the museum’s expensive baubles. Yet they are just as meaningful to the Dreiers, if not more, because of what they symbolize: a father and son, witnessing history, embracing in celebration, sharing a priceless memory, building a legacy.