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He-Man and the Masters of the Universe was Mattel's toy phenomenon of the early 1980's, soaring even higher with the introduction of the Filmation-produced TV cartoon show in 1983. He and his owners soared so high that parent groups lobbied for (and got) new laws passed that forbade related toy lines from sponsoring their own shows! Colorforms certainly enjoyed their association with the popular Mattel property, creating two sizes of their standard sets (small set #688 and Deluxe set #2366), and a large Rub 'n Play set (#903), as well. All the production materials for these three classic sets are included here in one outstanding offering. As He-Man dominated the interest of the tykes of the early 1980's, a savvy investor will certainly understand that these unique materials will be high demand pieces in the near future. Contents for small set #688: original platform art of Castle Grayskull and Skeletor's palace (W/C - 15" x 10"); mech.'s for platform, sidepanels (with tis. ov.), and cover (cover image and text are mounted to a pl. ov. which lies upon a hand-painted yellow background - all topped by a tis. ov. with ed. not.); two color photo transparencies (both 4-1/2" x 4", one of the cover art without text and the other of the show's logo); full color mockup of cover with applied text stats and some hand coloring additions; lam. prf.'s of cover (w/tis. ov.); vinyl pieces; and a Mint, sealed game. Contents for Deluxe set #2366: original cover art (W/C - 13" x 16", w/tis. ov.) and platform art (W/C - 16-1/2" x 13-1/2", w/tis. ov. - Battlecat and Castle Grayskull); mech. for bklt.; mech. for cover (art area contains only outlining for art placement); production piece for bklt. (a row of three black and white images above an identical row of hand-colored versions); lam. prf. of cover (with minimal ed. not.); a set of eight and another set of seven prog.'s that include the cover, platform and bklt. on the same sheet); and a Mint, sealed game. Contents for Rub 'n Play set #903: original platform art (W/C- 25" x 12" - Castle Grayskull and Skeletor's palace); original "Magic Transfer" art (colored inks - 8" x 13", w/ed. not. on tis. ov.); original sidepanel art of three characters (W/C - 11" x 6" - pl. ov. has caused some "lift" spots of the ink, but it is not noticeable when lying flat); mech.'s for the cover (w/colored tis. ov.), the platform (black and white stat), and the "Magic Transfers"; separate lam. prf.'s of cover (w/ed. not.), the platform, and the "Magic Transfers" (plus a separate, cel-like color transparency of the transfers); and a final proof of the platform.
Masters of the Universe - Three Games - 1985Masters of the Universe - Three Games - 1985Masters of the Universe - Three Games - 1985Masters of the Universe - Three Games - 1985
Masters of the Universe - Three Games - 1985Masters of the Universe - Three Games - 1985
"Masters of the Universe" - Three Games - 1985
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